Benefits – Transparency

Boost Organizational Clarity & Workflow Transparency

End-to-end Information Tracking Improves Operational Productivity by Up to 33%

Easy2Hire is the perfect tool for achieving highest standards of transparency and clarity in your operations. Easy2Hire’s automated workflow helps you keep a record of important recruitment attributes like jobs, leads, clients, interviews from a single software.

Be better at making your organization leaner and promote organization-wide transparency. Keep everyone on your team on the same page by automating the tracking every minor and major aspect.

  • Just a glance is all that you need:
    Easy2Hire’s color differentiation will enable your team to identify the total number of active jobs with their priority, right from the jobs module. Keep your focus on the jobs that need most attention by just looking at the module.
  • Keep a Track of Everything:
    Know everything about what’s happening throughout the organization in a few minutes. Check the total number of active leads, active and passive clients, active jobs, closed jobs, interview schedules, and more.
  • Accurate Forecasting:
    The dedicated forecasting module helps to keep a track of a specific candidate or team member, giving you insights into how productive one is, in minutes.
  • Streamline Information Flow:
    Store all important documents like company policies and processes at a single place to optimize information access and streamline flow of information. Eliminate the chances of miscommunication with Easy2Hire.
  • Track Interview Status:
    Check out the number of candidates who attended or didn’t attend interviews. Simplify future interview scheduling by connecting with candidates who defaulted in minutes.
  • Measure Team Productivity:
    Measurement is the first step to improvement. Easy2Hire helps you track your team’s productivity in real-time. Find the productivity gaps, alert those who aren’t as productive as others and help them improve.
  • Track Daily Attendance:
    See who’s at office and who’s not. Improve your daily operations by tracking daily attendance in real-time.