Benefits – Time Saver

Save 70 Hours/Month/User with Easy2Hire

Improve your Operational Productivity by Up to 33%

Easy2Hire automates routine tasks, leaving you with ample time to concentrate more on other critical business aspects. With Easy2Hire, you will no longer have to follow-up manually, spend hours to draft interview schedule emails, browse through spreadsheets to find information.

Easy2Hire is designed to simplify your daily operations, giving you the ability to boost the productivity of your team members. Here are some of the ways in which Easy2Hire can help you save time on a daily basis:

  • Automated Reports:
    Daily, weekly and monthly reports generated automatically on specific parameters and aspects.
  • Consolidated Interview Schedule:
    Keep everyone on the same page with a singular schedule, eliminating chances of last-minute goof-ups. Check today’s / tomorrow’s interviews from the dashboard directly.
  • Automatic Emailing:
    Whenever a new interview is added to the system, information gets automatically emailed to all stakeholders, saving you hours. daily.
  • Email Templates:
    Stop wasting time on drafting the perfect recruitment email, every time. Easy2Hire comes with several job-related emails that can be personalized and sent instantly.
  • Data Tracking:
    Automated forecasting emails to track critical data on a routine basis.
  • Productivity Analysis:
    Keep a check on productivity in real-time and notify the resources instantly to enhance operational productivity.
  • Task Scheduling:
    Schedule important tasks for the day and notify all stakeholders via automated email alerts and dashboard notifications.
  • Manage All Training & Process Manuals:
    Consolidate all training manuals and process manuals and access them anytime from a single screen. Save time in searching and get back to work, in seconds.
  • Powerful Search Algorithm:
    Search anything - data, module, information, schedules, tasks with powerful search bar, accessible from anywhere.
  • Dedicated Candidate Module:
    Never spend hours searching for required information about a candidate. Find candidate information, candidate introducer and speed up your candidate management process with dedicated module.
  • AutomatedJob Openings:
    Attract external talent automatically if resource pool target (number of associated CVs with a job) isn’t achieved within 48 hours of job posting.
  • Automate Client Response:
    Create automated responses to instantly reply to clients immediately without intervention with Easy2Hire.