Gauge your Business Growth Potential with Figures That Matter!

For a recruitment agency, nothing is more important than the regular flow of new clients. With Easy2Hire, check the efficacy of your business development efforts by identifying monthly new account acquisitions.

The dashboard displays the total number of clients added in the current month and number of active jobs- the figures that impact your short & long-term business growth & profitability.


Client’s Added in Current Month


Active Jobs This Month

Streamline Interview Scheduling Process

Stay informed about today’s & tomorrow’s interview, right from the dashboard. Check interview status, contact candidates and be efficient at the whole interview scheduling process.

Never again scrounge for interview details manually in a crowded mailbox or in spreadsheets or document folders.


Follow-up with Candidates Instantly


Speed-up Interview Alignment Process

Evaluate your Team’s Productivity in Minutes

The informative dashboard helps you manage end-to-end recruitment operations while at the same time understand how productive you were as a recruitment agency. Compare open job positions against profiles associated and find out if your team has achieved the productivity goals, month-on-month.


CVs Associated with Current Job Openings


Monthly Interviews Aligned


Monthly Candidate Joining

Never Miss an Important Update or Task with To-Do lists & Real-time Notifications

In the recruitment industry, every second count. With Easy2Hire, make sure everyone stays on the same page with company-wide ToDo lists & notification reminders. Assign to-do tasks to yourself or to a team member from dashboard. Be notified in real-time with notifications about new job openings, leads & more.


Professional To-do list


Role Assignments


General Recruitment Notifications


Notification Reminders for Work-to-do