Benefits- Deeper Data Insights

Make Informed Decisions with Valuable Data Insights

Data-driven decision making boosts productivity by up to 33%

Easy2Hire is a powerful solution to take your organization to the next level. Apart from arranging the workflow, Easy2Hire helps you derive valuable insights into your company’s efforts. Learn how you are doing on a daily basis with deep data analytics capabilities offered by Easy2Hire.

Align your workforce according to dynamic situations and make wise management decisions by exploring insightful data about clients, jobs, delivery, candidates, recovery and more.

  • Determine the Quality of Leads:
    Compare the available leads with client conversions to identify the lead quality and amp up your business development efforts, accordingly.
  • Analyze Client Status In-depth:
    See if a client is active or passive, categorize clients based on status, set priorities and simplify operations.
  • Analyze Jobs:
    Explore all jobs managed on the basis of priority and conduct a detailed analysis on job types, current status (closed/hold) and compare it with total job openings received in a year.
  • Compare Recovery vs. Forecasting:
    Derive the ratio between successful recovery and canceled forecasting, canceled recovery vs. recovery to discover the overall success and failure rate.
  • Interviews vs. Actual Delivery:
    Discover the relationship between aligned interview and actual delivery to streamline your future plans, effectively.