• World’s Smartest Digital Solution Designed for Recruitment Agencies

    Easy2Hire modernizes and automates workflow, helping you increase operational efficiency & productivity up to 33%.
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  • Grow Revenues from Your Recruitment Business, Exponentially!

    Easy2Hire helps you stay vigilant so that you actively track leads, candidates, tasks and clients. This means you will never miss on a growth opportunity again.
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  • Make Better Business Decisions with Densights on an Intuitive Dashboard

    Track daily/monthly activity, clients added, today’s/tomorrow’s interviews & more from a single screen. Manage operations easily and get better at taking important decisions.
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  • Easy2Hire is the Difference Between a Successful & Struggling Recruitment Agency

    Instead of being just a digital solution, Easy2Hire is the ultimate weapon in your business development and management armory.
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Easy2Hire saves you ample amount of time by automating several daily tasks your team needs to complete on a daily basis.

Save Hundreds of Hours Every Month with Automated Workflow

  • Consolidate interview schedules.
  • Automate client responses & job openings.
  • Schedule important tasks.
  • Email templates for client & candidate-side emailing.
Easy2hire makes your Operations More Fruitful Than Before with Deep Tracking Capabilities.

Enhance Transparency

  • Track active/closed leads, clients, candidates, jobs, interviews & more
  • Accurate forecasting & recovery.
  • Color-based job segregation for quick heads-up.
  • Check your team’s attendance.
See how you are doing as a company by deriving valuable insights about your routine operations with Easy2Hire’s deep data analytics.

Data Insights

  • Check Quality of Leads.
  • Analyze Current/Past Client Status.
  • Set & Analyze Job Priority.
  • Compare Actual vs Aligned Delivery.
Stop wasting time on searching for information and start working in just a few minutes with a separate module for every important business activity. Interactive Business Dashboard

Dedicated Modules for Easy Information Access

  • Accurate Business Reports.
  • End-to-end Job Openings Management.
  • Streamlined Interview Management.
  • Tactical & Automated Candidate Profiling.
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